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The vvmover package is an R package that provides functions for reading and writing data in various file formats, as well as retrieving metadata associated with files. It aims to simplify data import and export tasks and provide users with a comprehensive set of tools to work with different types of data files.


You can install the vvmover package from CRAN using the following command:


To load the package into your R session, use the library function:


The vvmover package offers the following key features:

  • Reading and writing data in various file formats, including CSV, RDS, Excel, and ZIP files.
  • Retrieving metadata associated with files, such as file size and creation date.

For detailed examples and usage guidelines, please refer to the package documentation.


Contributions to the vvmover package are welcome. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please submit an issue on the GitHub repository.